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Activities For Youth

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YG circleThese activities can be completed on their own or in sequence as a full-day workshop.  They can be done with a group of youth from the same program or from different programs. Feel free to adapt any of the activities as needed to suit your context.

Group Ground Rules (pdf): This activity will help set some ground rules for how the group should interact with one another.

Group Bingo (pdf): This icebreaker game will help the group get to know each other at the beginning of the workshop.

Where the Wind Blows (pdf): This game will help the group to know each other and will get participants up and moving about.

Conveyer Belt (pdf): This activity will get the room buzzing and will give everyone a chance to meet each other.

Defining a Food System (pdf): The purpose of this activity is to come to a common understanding of the food system.

Food Mapping (pdf): Someone somewhere grows the food we eat. Despite depending on farms to feed ourselves and survive, most people know almost nothing about these places, how our food is produced, who grows our food, or how we get the food they grow. This activity raises the question: how much do we really know about our food?

Where Do You Land (pdf): This activity will get the group up and moving while facilitating a discussion about the food system.

Inspirational Quotes (pdf): This quick activity fosters reflection about the food system.

YG teamTelling Your Story (pdf): In this activity, youth will learn how to tell their story to the public as a way to get support for their cause.

I Can Do It (pdf): Similar to ‘Where Do You Land,’ this activity will get the group moving while encouraging empowerment within the local food system.

The Big Commitment (pdf): This activity will give youth the chance to make a public commitment to help improve their community food system. 

Sample schedule for a half-day Youth Workshop:

Activity Time
Group Ground Rules 20 minutes
Group Bingo 25 minutes
Where the Wind Blows 15 minutes
Conveyor Belt 25 minutes
Defining the Food System 45 minutes
Where Do You Land 20 minutes
Inspirational Quotes 20 minutes
Telling Your Story 1 hour
I Can Do It 20 minutes
The Big Commitment 1 hour
Total Time ~5 hours
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