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Invasive Plants & Pests

Invasive species are among the top causes of biodiversity loss across the globe. Gardeners can be part of the solution by slowing the spread of invasive plants in our cultivated landscapes.
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NYS Prohibited and Regulated Invasive Plant List
Alternatives to Ornamental Invasive Plants
Invasive Species Factsheets
New York Invasive Species Information
New York Invasive Species Research Institute (NYISRI) works closely with others on NYS invasive species initiatives. Links to partner organizations and their web resources


Invasive Species Hot Topics:

  • Alium Leafminer (ALM), Phytomyza gymnostoma Loew, is a new invasive insect pest in the Northeast that attacks plants in the Allium genus, including onion, garlic, leek, scallions, shallots, chives and ornamental alliums (factsheet).
  • Amynthas species, Metaphire species also known as Crazy Snake Worm, Alabama jumper, Asian worm (fact sheet)
    Jumping worm claymation on youtube
  • Lycorma delicatula, or Spotted Lanternfly infestations have led to serious crop losses for fruit growers and has become a significant nuisance in residential landscapes.  New York State IPM provides fact sheets and videos on this species.
  • Halyomorpha halys, also known as Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs, is a common house and agriculture pest. A NYS IPM factsheet can be found here.


iMapInvasives is New York State’s on-line, all-taxa invasive species database and mapping tool.

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