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Youth Grow

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Youth Grow150x150Youth Grow is an online resource dedicated to helping youth in New York State to become food system leaders in their communities.  A sustainable food system is a system that cares for the earth and produces food in a way that supports economic, environmental, social and nutritional well-being.  Young people can play multiple and important roles in the cultivation of sustainable food systems: as consumers, as community leaders, and as agents of change!

The Activities for Educators page features activities that will guide educators to better support youth in their community food systems work.

garden-harvest-150x150The Activities for Youth page features activities for youth interested in creating sustainable food systems in their communities.

The Youth Grow Summit page features highlights from the 2011 Youth Grow Summit. It also features a step-by-step guide on how to organize your very own Youth Grow summit.

YG PlantingThe Take Action page highlights different ways to take action and cultivate a sustainable food system in your own community.

The Links page features organizations both in New York State and nation-wide that work with young people to create sustainable food systems.

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