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Our Climate Our Future is a multimedia experience that educates young people about the science of climate change and empowers them to take action.

Impacts of Climate Change on Gardening

Monitoring Climate Change in the Garden

  • Plant Watch
    This citizen science program from the University of Alberta engages students and the general public to study and monitor springtime flowering times.
  • Project Budburst
    This national field campaign targets native tree and flower species across the country. With your help, they will be compiling valuable environmental and climate change information around the United States.

Creating a Garden for Climate Change Education

Adapting to Climate Change in the Garden

    • Gardener’s Confront Global Warming
      Learn what you can do to confront global warming — this comprehensive guide helps you take action in your backyard, community and with elected officials!
    • Climate Change in the Garden
      This article addresses how gardeners can help reduce climate change through a few simple practices in their backyard.
    • Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions: This website provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary gateway to climate change events, initiatives, research, student courses and organizations, and public engagement at Cornell University.

Mitigating Climate Change through Gardening

Other Ways to Help Stop Climate Change

    • From Greenhouse to Green House
      The threats of climate change and what individual householders can do to reduce them.
    • The Cool Foods Campaign
      Want to reduce global warming? Join our “Cool Foods” Campaign and help take a bite out of global warming by changing the way you eat.
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