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Below are activities that our 2 pilot groups used to engage in learning about, adapting to, and helping mitigate climate change in the garden. Feel free to use and adapt any of these for your program! (Downloadable pdfs)

  • Garden Sombreros: This is a project pre-assessment activity where children show what they know about gardens on their sombreros.
  • Arctic Tale: Introducing the topic of climate change through books and movies is a fun way to begin your project!
  • Superhero Plants: Learn about adapting a garden to a changing climate through designing a plant superhero that can adapt to global warming.
  • Plant a Tree: Promote a green community through growing, distributing, and planting tree seedlings in your community.
  • Photo Journals: Document your climate change project through a creative photo-journal or photo story board activity.
  • Learning from the Past: Interview Master Gardeners to learn about gardening in the past and what ecologically sustainable practices we might restore today.
  • Sustainable Gardening Practices: Learn about the importance of sustainable gardening practices such as mulching, rainwater collection, minimal tilling, etc.
  • Garden Party Hats: This project post-assessment works well with Garden Sombreros as a creative evaluation tool!
  • Celebration: Honoring youth and their achievements through a community picnic.
  • Eco-Meal: Calculate how much waste is created from a single meal and see how you can avoid it in the future.
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