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Climate Change in the Garden

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Climate Change in the Garden is an exciting model of youth community action in the garden. This site offers examples of how youth and their community members can get involved in monitoring, adapting, and mitigating climate change in the garden! diversitylogo

One Seed at a Time:
Alleviating Climate Change through Youth Community Action in the Garden

One Seed at a Time is a model project for how teams of children, youth and adults working in partnership can make a difference in their communities through sustainable gardening practices.

Climate change is considered to be one of the primary daunting issues in the lives of young people. Feelings of fear and complacency are becoming a part of the human landscape. It is critical that youth do not feel overwhelmed by this issue, and imperative that they readily have the resources and tools needed to understand, cope with, and actively challenge this widespread phenomenon. We believe that small cumulative changes in homes, gardens and communities are the most essential and effective ways to make significant change to our climate and environment.

Teams of children, youth and adults dedicated to making a difference in their communities!

(1) Understand: Youth learn about the causes and impacts of climate change both on the broader global environment and on local gardens specifically.
(2) Monitor:  Youth become citizen scientists and monitor the climate-induced changes in their garden and natural landscape.
(3) Adapt: Youth try out different approaches to adapting a garden to a changing climate.
(4) Mitigate: Youth create “greener” gardens and adopt other sustainable lifestyle practices that are part of the climate change solution.

In your community gardens, parks, schools, community centers, after-school programs, summer camps, backyards, town halls… anywhere and everywhere!

What for?
At the end of a “One Seed at a Time” project, youth will have a better understanding of how climate change affects their local natural environment, and will have gained the tools and resources needed to monitor, adapt, and mitigate these changes in a garden setting.  They will also have learned how to successfully partner with adults in a garden-based youth community action project!

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