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Gardening in a Warming World

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Gardeners are keen observers of what is required to grow healthy plants of all types and sizes. New strategies and solutions to the problems presented by cultivating living things are often contemplative acts. These actions will hold gardeners in good stead as we face climate change – an unprecedented phenomenon that amplifies all those conditions that can make or break our gardening success. Deep reflection on our strategies in tending our lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables will be required to manage and adapt to this latest – and biggest – challenge.

The Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer network is working to strengthen understanding and inspire us to take actions in our gardens and communities that will help address the global crisis of climate change. Supporting this effort, Cornell Garden-Based Learning Program produced this curriculum for gardeners, homeowners, educators, volunteers, teachers, students and anyone interested in exploring how we might examine our gardening practice through the lens of climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Climate Smart Gardening Course Book (pdf)
Facilitator’s Notebook
Facilitator’s Handouts from Notebook (pdf)
Companion Presentation (pdf)
Presenter Notes for Companion Presentation (pdf)


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