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Food Gardening

Growing Vegetables & Herbs
Growing Fruit

Growing Vegetables & Herbs

Selected List of Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners in New York State (PDF)

Vegetable Growing Guides
Recommended spacing & expected yield for garden vegetables in NY (pdf)
Vegetable and Herb Gardening in Containers (pdf) Spanish version (pdf)
Perennial Herbs (pdf)
Windowsill Herbs (pdf)

Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners
List of Varieties Resistance to Late Blight (pdf)

Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting (pdf) Spanish version (pdf)
Low Cost Grow Light Frame Plans (pdf)

Cover Crops for Vegetable Growers
Cover Crops for Urban Gardens website has Spanish language materials

Public Seed Saving Initiative Workbook (pdf)
Seed Saving and Breeding Resource List (pdf)

Find composting materials at:
SPANISH only – Wire Compost Bin (pdf)



Growing Fruit

Growing Hops in Garden

Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home  (pdf of entire publication)
Individual sections:
Front matter  (including maps)  (pdf)
Before You Begin  (pdf)
Tree Fruits  (pdf)
Grapes  (pdf)
Strawberries  (pdf)
Brambles  (pdf)Cover of Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit
Blueberries  (pdf)
Currants and Gooseberries  (pdf)
Elderberries  (pdf)
Hardy Kiwifruit  (pdf)
More Minor Fruits  (pdf)
For More Information  (pdf)

Cornell classic 80’s
Minor Fruits in New York State
Homemade Wine

Cornell Fruit Resources for Commercial Growers (website)


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