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Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program


We prepare volunteers to be peer educators who build relationships with community audiences to
integrate local experience and research based knowledge in planning for and initiating steps to
manage gardens, lawns, and landscapes with an emphasis on food security and environmental

Interested in being a Master Gardener in NY? Contact your local county office.  Not every CCE county office in New York has the resources to support a program.

Our Master Gardener Volunteer Advanced Training Webinars and Videos Featured below:


The Extension Master Gardener program in New York State prepares individuals for volunteer roles in garden-based learning activities that support the educational mission of Cornell Cooperative Extension(CCE) and the CCE Master Gardener Program Mission, Vision and Values. All CCE Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) program opportunities are managed by the County CCE office who locally recruit volunteers as needed through an application process.  Active Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers commit a minimum number of hours per year in support of county program community activities.

Why be a Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer? The documented benefits of gardening are numerous and include: lifelong learning, environmental/scientific literacy, a sense of accomplishment, physical exercise, improved health, stress relief, physical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, economic success, enhanced social relationships, community building and direct access to nutritious fresh food. Garden-based learning can serve as a catalyst for addressing food security and hunger; climate change; childhood obesity and nutrition; food safety; and youth, family and community development. The widespread appeal of gardening provides opportunity to use gardens to connect with diverse audiences.

Find more on the Benefits of Garden Based Learning and Research that Supports Our Work.

Looking to advance your gardening knowledge without a volunteer commitment? Explore opportunities with…

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The Garden-Based Learning Library:

When you become an Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, your training will include research-based resources and content from Cornell University in a curriculum that was recently updated in 2019.  The outline of that Core Preparation is outlined below:

Session Module List

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