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Vegetable Variety Trial Garden (VVTG)

This companion program to Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners (VVfG) is for our Cornell Cooperative Extension programs and community partners from around New York State who are cultivating vegetable demonstration gardens. We are encouraging planting vegetable varieties in a 15’x 15′ public place along with demonstration of features of an ecological garden (cover crops, companion planting, mulching, attracting beneficials, etc). See the 3 minute video of our installation and another of building a raised bed.

Registration is closed for the 2017 project, stay tuned for 2018 registration.

Selected List of Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners in New York State (pdf)
2017 VVTG Garden Design (pdf)
2017 Informational Flyer (pdf)
2017 VVTG Timeline (pdf)
Recommended Site Prep (pdf)
Photos From Past Years (pdf)
Checklist of Which Crops to Enter into the VVfG Database (pdf)

Plan of Work & Reporting:
VVTG Plan of Work Template (doc)
Sample VVTG Evaluation Form (doc)
Sample VVTG Workshop Form (doc)

Webinar Recording from December 8: Learn about the plans for the 2017 VVTG project.
Webinar Recording from May 15: Learn how to use the Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners database.



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