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  • Do you have a group of youth that you are already working with?
  • Do you have a garden in your community that you could work in?
  • Are you passionate about climate change issues but aren’t sure how to make a real difference?

Then you are ready to participate in a One Seed at a Time project! The steps below will help you to plan your own project:


  • Review the resources from the Understand and Links pages on this website for a beginner’s primer on climate change and how it connects to gardening.
  • Review the Activities and Case Studies pages on this site to get a sense of how you might proceed with a garden-based climate change action project in your community.
  • Review the New York State 4-H Youth Community Action (YCA) website for ideas about how to incorporate YCA philosophy into your climate change project!


  • Identify a group of children, youth, and adults who are committed to, or already, working in partnership.
  • Propose the idea of working together on a climate change community action project that is based in the garden.
  • Share activities and educational resources about climate change and its effect on the global environment.
  • Share ideas of ways that your group could partner to make a difference in your own community.


  • Once your group has decided to work on climate change, identify what areas you would like to focus on (i.e. Monitoring, Adaptation, Mitigation, Outreach, etc).
  • Use the activities and case study timelines as a guideline for developing your project plan.
  • Consider incorporating documentation, evaluation and celebration into the plans.


  • Proceed with your planned community-based activities.
  • Document the project process – from planning through implementation to celebration.
  • Evaluate the project process as well as the end result.
  • Celebrate!
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