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New York State Seed to Supper

What is Seed to Supper?

NYS Seed to Supper (S2S) is a beginning gardening experience that provides novice gardeners with the tools they need to connect with other people, grow in confidence, and successfully grow a portion of their own food on a limited budget. Originating with the Oregon Food Bank, we offer this program in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension educators and community-based host agencies throughout New York State.

We offer a facilitator preparation model for Garden Educators to lead this free workshop experience. Occasionally we offer mini-grants to Cornell Cooperative Extension educators, along with student support to participating programs.

Why does a program like this matter?

While gardening doesn’t solve all the issues related to food security, having a source of fresh food – and the confidence and skills to raise it – can make a big difference. Nearly 1 million residents of upstate New York live in poverty, while the New York City metropolitan area has a 17% poverty rate. New York State ranked among the top 20 states with the worst food hardship, according to the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), with 3 million New Yorkers rely on food assistance, 1 million being children.



What difference has it made?

Participants in Seed to Supper show an increased knowledge of food gardening, feel more confident in their ability to grow a portion of their own food, and are better able to access garden resources in their community.  In the medium and long-term, they implement food gardens, improve nutrition, offset grocery costs, reduce hunger and become advocates who teach others and access locally-grown fruits and vegetables.


How can I get involved?

Our program works through local Cooperative Extension Associations.  Use this directory to locate the office in your county to find out more:  Cornell Cooperative Extension County Offices

To learn more about individual study opportunities for Cornell University students, please email Marcia Eames-Sheavly at



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